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About NARAKODURU Grama Panchayat

General Details

Narakoduru is a Village in chebrole mandal in guntur district of andhra pradesh state , india.

 It belongs to Andhra region. Narakoduru pin code is 522212 and Postal Head Office is Chebrole.

Telugu and Hindi are the local languages here and papulation of Narakoduru is 6564.

In that males are 3250 ad females are 3314.total  area of Narakoduru 2200A.C

In Narakoduru we have Gayatri shakthi peetam.

Main occupation of the villagers  are Agriculture. Major crops are Chillies, Paddy and Vegetabules etc

Source of the Irrigation Facilities are Guntur channel.

Year of formation of Narakoduru Grama panchayat is 1952.

Narakoduru is famous for Vegitabules.


Office Contact Details
Address : GRAMA PANCHAYAT OFFICE , , , , 522212
Phone Number N.A
Email Address eptnarakoduru@gmail.com
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